Judging at Border Union, Scotland

This was fun, although the weather was quite ghastly. 

John started off looking smart, with his new jacket on, but by the time he actually got into his ring (we were third into the ring, after two other busy breeds) he had thick mud up to his knees, and his shoes had disappeared in mud as well. The dogs and owners had a job to move at all on the wet soggy grass, and that was inside the marquee!

Anyway, Craig and his wonderful blonde bitch were there, and she looked spotless because Craig had carried her from the car park!, She was John’s BoB and Gill’s black dog Chalkie was BD. 

Both the organizers and the competitors were in good spirits, and in spite of the conditions lots of laughter was heard coming from the working tent.

Dog folk are amazing!

Posted: 30-Jun-12