Sad farewell to Limerick

Pines Limerick

Sadly, on the 5th November, we said goodbye to Limerick.

At the grand old age of 15 she had been quite wonderful and had enjoyed this last summer, and her birthday in October. But she went downhill rapidly in a couple of days and passed away peacefully in front of the Rayburn. A dignified end for a truly wonderful dog. 

Limerick was BB at Crufts in 2000. She then went on to represent the breed at numerous show stands, discover dogs events and throughout her life introduced many people to her breed. She was a truly wonderful dog with a big fan club!

We have tried not to be sad, because she had one hell of a life, but we miss her so much. We had her for so long, and a couple of the grand-children weren’t even born, and didn’t know the house hold without her.

In her memory we have planted a wonderful tall Sorbus tree, with magnificent copper bronze leaves, which looks its best in November each year, so we will have a permanent reminder of her.

Posted: 04-Dec-13