Chapter 7 - A Rare Orchid: Kynyaf Tiy

Orchid_Kynyaf Tiy at Pines

As it happened, John was not at home to witness the birth of Limerick’s puppies, as he was in France, trying to help Janet Kibble get her Baz in whelp. Janet’s car was, to say the least, unreliable and she wanted to use a German dog (Adson). Several phone calls finally elicited the news that Karl was on holiday for a month with his wife and dogs in France, and would be happy for Janet to come there. Janet asked John to help, and with his Belgian experience still fresh in his mind, agreed without hesitation! There was only one little snag, Karl and his wife were naturists, and therefore it would be difficult to visit them. They generously dressed for our mating attempts, but the others on the site didn’t. John is still trying to figure out why the bicycle is the preferred mode of transport for naturists. The timing for Baz can’t have been quite right, because once again she failed to conceive, Janet having tried on several occasions previously. Happily, Karl agreed to a further attempt next season, and John, on his own this time, went to Germany in December with Baz. Again, timing must have been tight, because they mated as soon as she arrived, at 7pm with the temperature at -10, how Adson managed is a mystery, but there resulted a nice litter, and as payment, “Orchid” (Kynyaf Tiy) came to be part of the Pines mob.